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Socialmovement was a long time research that included a showing in TQW Halle G in 2009, a workshop during ImpulsTanz Festival and a sketch in TQW Studios in 2010. The research focused on how bodies organize inside a group during political demonstrations, which kinds of movements, gestures and actions the body of the individual produces within a mass of people manifesting and how this differs from culture to culture. The core of the research focuses on individual and mass movements and also in the relationship between personal and collective memory related with political history. The different showings of Socialmovement questioned the relationship between art and politics and drifted from political gestures to economic terminology and the place of the individual's body within capitalist society. As a result of the research Socialmovement, nadaproductions presented the performance "IT, enjoyment, consumption and waste" in TQW Halle G in Autum 2010.

Daniel Zimmermann

Ewa Bankowska

Laia Fabre

Rotraud Kern

Sigfried Kern

Amanda Piña

Dominique Richards

Daniel Zimmermann

Joy Putcher

Technical Support
Alex Wanko

Michel Villa Lobos

Elisabeth Hirner