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Ministry of Movement Affairs

Inspired by the research called “Socialmovement” and the interviews with indigenous people in South America done for the performance “nature”. Following the advice of one of the interviewees from the Awajún tribe in the Amazonian Rainforest, nadaproducions saw the need for founding an Austrian Ministry that would deal exclusively with movement affairs. After a period of intense lobby work within the governmental structures of Austrian administration, nadaproductions international,in cooperation with the government of Austria, founded the first Ministry of Movement Affairs (BmfB) in world history.
The BmfB is the youngest ministry in Austria and so far the only one of its kind in the world. The ministry has existed in its current form since June 8th, 2009. Its responsibilities extend from funding, cultivating and upholding all forms of free movement of bodies in space to founding initiatives concerning the re-distribution and transformation of codified behavioural movement patterns in the social field. The core task of the BmfB is to foster the potential of movement as a means for expanding consciousness.

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video on vimeo
Amanda Piña
Daniel Zimmermann
in collaboration with
Meinhard Rauchensteiner

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Daniel Zimmermann

Magdalena Schlesinger

Magdalena Schlesinger

Mag. Meinhard Rauchensteiner

Dr. Heinz Fischer

Peter Pakesch

Armin Engl

Heinz Hufnagl


Walter Heun

Franz Alexejew

Jürgen Weishäupl

Dir. Mag. Alexander Götz

Dr. Sabine Haag

Sigrid Gareis

Dr. Christian Brandstätter