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How to address the unaddressable? Where do “You“start and where do "I" end? The piece is constructed as an ode to the abstract „Other“, and the existing limitations of communication. In the case of the performance "YOU", this other is a mobile entity which glides from being the other performer, to a plant, an object and the architecture.
You is the indexical, the ‘it’ we can point out with our index finger, outside the body but also always contained in the perception of the body itself. “The performers play with the potential absurdity of interpersonal communication and the emotions resulting from that crush of subjectivities: love, rejection, (in minor or major degrees) and of course indifference-- the result is poetical, abstract and full of humour.

Amanda Piña

Video Editing
Ewa Bankowska

Amanda Piña

Ewa Bankowska

Andrea Maurer

Robert Trappl