Endangered Human Movements Vol.2

Dance & Resistance


The Ministry of Movement Affairs and nadaproductions are happy to announce the presentation of the second publication of the project Endangered Human Movements with the Title Dance & Resistance  which will accompany the performance with the same name.

Endangered Human Movements is a multi-disciplinary project including visual arts, performance and a series of publications. Dance & Resistance  is a discursive, musical and visual Fanzine about the performance Dance & Resistance created by Choreographer Amanda Piña in collaboration with visual artist Daniel Zimmermann, designed and published by Sharon Mercado Nogales as and artistic journey through this decolonial dance performance and its origins. The publication Dance & Resistance was created in the HZT Berlin in the BA, Dance Context, Choreography and was edited by Alice Chauchat. An imaginary journey that deals – by way of free associations – with a contemporary interpretation of dances found in ethnographic films, documentary film archives, YouTube videos, in first person accounts, oral tradition, rumours, and legends. The Fanzine contains collages, music and text in Spanish and English.

The publication can be ordered per mail at: publications@nadaproductions.at





Zine Lab: share the Love! HZT Belin
BMfB – Federal Ministry of Movement Affairs
Reindorfgasse 8
1150 Wien

Alice Chauchat

Sharon Mercado Nogales

Film Stills & Photos
Daniel Zimmermann

Graphic Design
Sharon Mercado Nogales


Printed in Berlin by Zine lab and in Vienna by nadaproductions
1. Edition
© nadaproductions
Vienna, April 2019

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