Michel Jimenez

Production management, artistic design (light video and photography)

Michel Jimenez studied Mechanic Engineering in Santiago de Chile ( USACH) and Applied Arts in Vienna ( Die Angewandte). He holds a master in Digital Arts (Die Angewandte).

His work is not concerned with his individual authorship focusing on collaborative practices in which he is concerned in the processes leading to the integral construction of an image, be it in film, video, installation and live arts.

Nicole Haitzinger


Univ.-Prof. Nicole Haitzinger studied theatre, film and media studies as well as communication studies at the University of Vienna, where she graduated with a dissertation in theatre studies. Afterwards, she joined the DFG research project “Kulturelle Inszenierung von Fremdheit im ‘langen’ 19. Jahrundert” at the LMU. Since 2018 she has been Professor of Dance and Performance Studies at the University of Salzburg. In addition to her academic work, she worked as a dramaturg and curator for various international projects and participated in modules combining theory and practice. Current dramaturgy, among others, for/with Amanda Piña: The School of the Jaguar,   Danza I Frontera: A living monument und  Exotica.

She has taught and given guest lectures at international institutes in Oxford, Paris, Mexico City, Moscow, Nice, Shanghai, Bejing, London, Belgrade and many more. She also co-chairs the postgraduate program “Curating the Performing Arts”.  Since June 2019 she has headed the FWF project   Border Dancing across Time: The (forgotten) Parisian choreographer Nyota Inyoka, her oeuvre, and questions of choreographing créolité (P 31958-G). A month later she took over as chair of the interuniversity doctoral college  Science and Arts, which is conceived for research beyond academic disciplines. Nicole Haitzinger lives in Paris and Salzburg.

Federico Protto

Collaborator, Performance, Costume

Federico Protto´s artistic practice unfolds across the realms of performance, sound, installation, and research. Within my works, diverse practices such as choreography, music, fashion, sculpture, and text converge and intertwine with their personal South American heritage. This gives rise to a unique and dynamic style of installations.

Estudio el Gozo

Film edition, architectural modelling, activism

Susana Ojeda, MA

Anthropologist with MA in Regional Development. She has more than 15 years of experience in communication for development projects, monitoring and evaluation. The work tools include participatory and creative methodologies, storytelling, life histories, oriented interviews and collective conversations.


DI Hubert Marz

He has over 15 years experience in visual communication of art, architecture, cultural and social projects. The work tools include analog, digital and virtual cameras as well the playing field of current software to create high quality images.



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