Amanda Piña

Choreographer, dancer and cultural worker

Is a Mexican-Chilean-Austrian choreographer, dancer and cultural worker living in Vienna. Her choreographic work is concerned with the decolonization of art, focusing on the political and social power of movement, introducing non-western references and perspectives in contemporary performance. Amanda Piña is interested in making art beyond the idea of a product and in developing new frameworks for the creation of and encounter with artistic aesthetic experiences.

She studied Physical Theater in Santiago de Chile, Theater Anthropology in Barcelona and Classical, Modern and Contemporary Dance in Mexico, Barcelona, Salzburg (SEAD) and Montpellier (Ex.e.r.ce Choreographic Centre Montpellier) with – amongst others – Mathilde Monnier, Joao Fiaideiro, Xavier Le Roy, Olga Mesa and Julyen Hamilton. In 2006 she received the danceWEB scholarship and in 2007 the scholarship for Young Choreographers from Tanzquartier Wien. In 2018 she was awarded with the Fonca grant from the Mexican Government for Scenic creation. Since 2013 she is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner applying the method to movement research in performance. She danced and performed in pieces by – amongst others – DD Dorvillier, Claudia Heu, Ewa Bankowska, Daniel Aschwanden, Frans Poelstra & Robert Stejin, and Christine Gaigg, among others.  She finished the international post graduated studies in curating in the performing arts at the Salzburg University with prof. Nicole Haitzinger and Sigrid Gareis.  

She currently works on the realisation of the long-term project Endangered Human Movements dedicated to dances and cultural practices that have already vanished or are threatened with extinction. Four volumes of research in the scope of this project have been already realised including the following performances, “Four remarks on the history of dance, EHM Vol.1 ” (2014), “Dance & Resistance, EHM Vol.2” (2016) ,“The Forest of Mirrors, EHM Vol.3” (2017). “The School of the Jaguar, EHM Vol.3” (2017), “The Jaguar and The Snake, EHM Vol .3”(2017), and  “Danza y Frontera, EHM Vol.4” (2018)


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