The Dinner

Eat, drink, chat, laugh


Each guest receives a paper with 2 written instructions; these instructions are part of an imaginary choreography previously created for them by the hosts. The instructions are based on normal actions that can happen during the meal like eating, drinking, the use of the napkins, cutlery, opening a bottle of wine, use salt or pepper, etc. This score is simple, and easy to follow (nothing that a non-performer couldn’t do). The choreography and dramaturgy unfold in real time (no rehearsal) through the previous selection of the „cues“ and the connections between the given actions generated by the instructions. The instructions for movement that a guest may get are “cued” to the ones of another guest or to one of the actions described before. The dramaturgy of the score brings forth unexpected and often humorous situations. The dinner guests discover the choreography while they eat together, drink, chat and laugh.

Created 2006 for the opening of Lokal-int in Biel and Szene Salzburg.


Choreography, Concept & Idea 
Amanda Piña & Daniel Zimmermann
Christian Dergarabedian
Production Manager
Elisabeth Hirner

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