Who am I?


“The very young Chilean choreographer Amanda Piña is the author of a very uplifting duet around the question of self representation. The piece is literary carried by a just distance and a detached attitude towards the subject dealt with. One of the best discoveries of the festival.”

— Florent Delval for, 2007

Self is a biological, psychological and philosophical question that since the beginnings of humanity, generations of artists and scientists have tried to answer. Far from claiming to be a theoretical analysis of the issue, this lecture performance is a sensitive and humorous research into the relationship with one‘s personal (and artistic) identity.

Thought processes and physical experiences are displayed, practiced and enacted in a very personal and unspectacular way. With a very particular sense of humour of the „self“, Amanda Piña and Ewa Bankowska uncover the absurdity of a self that reflects itself.


17.03.2007 // brut, Vienna, Austria


Amanda Piña
Film & Performance  
Ewa Bankowska & Amanda Piña
Film Edition
Ewa Bankowska
Axel Fussi & passers by of the city of Vienna
Dramaturgy, Prints & Stage Design
Daniel Zimmermann

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