Enjoyment consumption and waste


“… With abandon they create disorder, rip open packages and mix soil, styrofoam, pulse, oil, cling film, feathers and fabric softener. Those who were reminded of the material actions of Viennese Actionism could observe how the aggressive gestus of the 1960s had transformed into a subversive lust of dissolving the orderly. As if IT would directly spring from the corrosive disorders of Georges Bataille’s world.

The piece is, as we learn from the playbill, part of an artistic project entitled socialmovement. Consequently the dancers direct their ‘choreographies of intensities’ (as they are called in a book of Georges Didi-Hubermann) in that direction. Yet the critique of the orders of consumerism are not presented as a dull manifestation, but rather as a symbolic confounding of the neo-liberal world of commodity delusion. As dance nowadays is hawked in as bit-sized a manner as any other art, Piña and Zimmermann in their outstanding work succeed in subverting the virtuoso orders of neo-liberal dance as well.”

— Helmut Ploebst/Der Standard, 25./26.10.2010

The performance IT deals with physicalities of enjoyment.
 The choreography emerges from the physiological and sensorial manifestations of pleasure in the body of the performers.
 IT is a desire machine of waste production, where the performers generate a landscape by means of enjoying the physical contact with raw materials.
 A visual poem about the society of consumption and the environmental crisis it produces.

Dossier (PDF): concept/press/tecnical rider

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22.10.2010 – 23.10.2010 // Tanzquartier Wien, Vienna, Austria


Concept & Direction
Amanda Piña

Artistic Direction & Dramaturgy
Daniel Zimmermann

Dance & Performance
Ewa Bankowska, Adriana Cubides, Thomas Kasebacher, Amanda Piña, Dominique Richards & Daniel Zimmermann

Lights Design & On the Board

Victor Durán

Production Manager
Katharina Bernard

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