Funicular train


“A mixture of video and body installation. (…) The daily routine of using public transportation was highlighted into a unique experience that won’t happen again, a site specific spatial gesture.”

—New York Arts Magazine, February 2005

The city of Valparaiso is well known for its stairs, funiculars and especially for its geography, as many hills compose the potent landscape of the port. Jetlag was first presented in the interior of one of the longest funiculars of the port in the Artillería hill. The performance lasted only 3 minutes, during which the whole trip of the artists from the port of Basel in Switzerland till the port of Valparaiso is compressed.

The daily users of the funicular are confronted with a unique experience that won’t be repeated. Two other versions of this work were shown in Biel at the Space Libre Artspace and the Tanzquartier Wien.



21.10.2005 – 30.10.2005 // IV Festival Internacional Contemporáneo Danzalborde, Valparaíso, Chile


Dance & Video Edit
Amanda Piña & Daniel Zimmermann
Funded by
IV Festival Internacional Contemporáneo Danzalborde (Valparaíso)

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