Four remarks on the history of dance

Endangered Human Vol.1


The performance Four remarks on the history of dance is the first Volume of Endangered Human Movements, focusing on human movement practices, which have been cultivated for centuries all over the world.
The first Volume of this long-term research deals with dances that were not conceived to create a spectacle for a select audience, but were practiced in commonality, articulating reciprocal relations with the environment, other life forms, and the unknown.

The Four remarks on the history of dance are meant to be artistic and discursive contributions for the expansion of a narrative that has been historically ethnocentric.

The performance presents a plurality of dance forms from all five continents, – dedicated to the harvest, the soil, the rain, the fire or the wind – and brings them on stage as ready-mades, exploring the political and environmental potential of movement, in times of advancing privatisation and depletion of natural ressources.


29.07.2015 – 31.07.2015 // ImPulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival, Vienna, Austria


Artistic Direction
Amanda Piña & Daniel Zimmermann

Dance & Performance
Jana Jevtovic, Alexandra Mabes, Amanda Piña, Yusimi Moya Rodriguez & Guests

Ainu (Aynu), Ashanti, Bororo of the Paraguay River, Dessana-Tucano,Mixtecs-Mexicans, Nahuas-Mexicans, Navajo, Sakkudei, Tabiteuea Islanders-Kiribati Republic,Tenek, Trobriand Islanders, Vavhenda, Wodaabe & Yup’ik

Choreography Assistance & Movement Notoation
Anne Megier

Movements Download from Ethnographic Films
Amanda Piña & Lina Maria Venegas

Composition & Live Percussion
Shayna Dunkelman

Soundtrack Film
Mali Svet By Peptalk

Victor Durán

Dramaturgical Adviser
Angela Vadori

Gianna Prein, Marie Shamboeck & Benedikt Steiner

Francesca Aldegani

Costumes Assistance
Constanza Brandizzi

Live Camera
Daniel Zimmermann

Gerald Kerkletz

Kat Reynolds/ImPulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival

Management Consulting & Editing  
Marie-Christine Barrata-Dragono


Dance Research & Production Manager 
Sarah Blumenfeld

ImpulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival

The Project Endangered Human Movements is supported by
deSingel international arts campus (Antwerp), NAVE – Creation and Residence Center (Santiago de Chile) & Tanzquartier Wien

Supported by
BKA Kunst und Kultur – Bundeskanzerlamt Österreich, BMfB – Bundesministerium für Bewegungsangelegenheiten, Foundation for Contemporary Arts – Granted by Emergency Grant & MA7 – Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien

Thanks to
Ramon Andres, Michael Carter, Paula Chavez, Nase Chiriap, Gabrielle Cram, Carlos Fos, Axel Fussi, Georg Grünberg, Nicole Haitzinger, Mariana Huepe, Marta Huepe, Leut, nadaLokal, Meinhard Rauchensteiner, Rio Rutzinger, Bernhard Schorner, Michael Staudigl & Josef Wukowits

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