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Ko au te varua ote museo/ko au te hoto ote manau tangata tea/te tupuna te atua/haka hopu á hai kimiko/ Ongaro te ata/haka tu’u á i tu’u varua/Pahe me’e mate”

“I am the spirit of this museum/I am the soul of western mind/Your ancestors your gods/I bathe them in chemicals/To conserve their form/I made them into objects”

In the frame of the RONGO-RONGO-Tour the audience will be invited into the depths of the depot of the Wiener Weltmuseum, which are usually not open to the public. Down there two Easter Islanders will interact with the figures/gods of their ancestors. The depot is a symbol for European conceptions of order: here it’s not about encountering, but about conserving the other.




a performance by
nadaproduction/Amanda Piña & Daniel Zimmermann
Romina Rojas Araki
Esteban Pantu Tepano Rapu
Ivo Gurschler

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