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“The couple is obviously good at defying logic and at rendering visible hidden claims; the cooperation between choreographer and visual artist turns out to be a recipe for success”.

— Helmut Ploebst/Der Standard, 17.3.2008

WE is a choreography of possible thoughts the spectator may have while sitting inside the theatre watching a performance. The piece is a live film performance that reveals the conventions of theatre in a humorous and elegant way. In WE there are no performers, the protagonists are the thought processes of the audience members. During the performance the audience thinks in comic bubbles that dance over their heads and each spectator slips into the thoughts of a fictional character: a critic, an enthusiast, a dancer, a programmer, a french philosopher among many others. Without pushing the audience into participation, the role of the spectator is thematized and becomes protagonic by enabling each one to observe himself/herself in the act watching and thinking. The relation that is created in this way to one’s own image and the way one presents oneself in public is not uncomfortable yet with a hint of challenge. WE enable what was hidden to become obvious, collective laughter starts and WE have the chance to see ourselves and others in a new light.

Dossier (PDF): concept/press/tecnical rider


03.10.2014 // ŠTUK, Maribor, Slovenia
02.10.2013 – 26.06.2013 // Teatrul Odeon, Bucharest, Romania
25.06.2013 – 26.06.2013 // Internationale Schillertage, Mannheim, Germany
30.09.2010 – 02.10.2010 // STUK, Leuven, Belgium
24.03.2010 – 25.03.2010 // Beursschouwburg, Brussels, Belgium
16.12.2009 // SAME MOMENT, Bologna, Italy
09.09.2009 // Frascati, Amsterdam, Netherlands
20.06.2009 – 22.06.2009 // brut, Vienna, Austria
30.01.2009 – 31.01.2009 // Helmut-List-Halle, Graz, Vienna
19.09.2008 – 20.09.2009 // Southbank Centre, London, UK
31.07.2008 – 01.08.2008 // ImPulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival, Vienna, Austria
23.05.2008 – 24.05.2008 // Kulturtage der Europäischen Zentralbank, Frankfurt a. M., Germany
13.03.2008 – 16.03.2008 // brut, Vienna, Austria


Concept, Direction, Dramaturgy & Text
Amanda Piña & Daniel Zimmermann
Christian Dergarabedian & los amigos invisibles
Markus Frietsch
Literary Adviser
Axel Fussi
Production Manager
Elisabeth Himer
Technical Adviser
Marcos Rondon
brut Wien, imagetanz & nadaproductions
Thanks to
MA7 – Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien

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