I am the theatre


“I am the theatre. I’m old and not as sexy anymore. I am a poor theatre, but have many stories to tell. Inside me, people meet. They are searching for something, want to understand something. They sing, applaud, laugh, dance, chorus. Sometimes they yell a lot and show their naked bodies. I’m there somehow, I try to be political, I try to intensify life, I know that death is inevitable, that’s what makes me tired, death. I hope you’ll still come visit.”

Under the programmatic title TEATRO, nadaproductions – four performers, one fine artist, one musician and one lighting engineer from Poland, Austria, Russia, Chile, Argentina, Mexico and Switzerland – join their voices to explore the conventional understanding of Theatre. TEATRO deals with the term “theatre”, theatre as a place of illusion, of fiction, the theatre as a building, as well as with the act of performing in front of an audience. The different ideas on theatre merge into a performance. The performers face impossible tasks; they fail but find liberating laughter.

Dossier (PDF): concept/press/tecnical rider

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28.07.2012 // Centrale Fies, Dro, Italy
22.06.2012 // brut, Vienna, Austria
20.06.2012 // brut, Vienna, Austria
12.05.2011 – 14.05.2011 // brut, Vienna, Austria


Concept & Direction
Amanda Piña
Dramaturgy & Staging
Daniel Zimmermann
Choreography & Performance
Andrei Andrianov, Ewa Bankowska, Raphael Michon & Amanda Piña
Set & Visual Design
Daniel Zimmermann
Christian Dergarabedian
Victor Durán
Production Manager
Elisabeth Drucker

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