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Body parts of the performers are named. Words imprinted on the skin. They remind of tattoos or racially discriminating uses. Word connections are created through approximation of body parts. Changes in the constellation of the bodies create literary connections. The building of the text influences the sequence of movement, dramaturgy influences rhetorics and the other way around.

A connection is created between word and movement – body language. The body of the performer is the surface. Movement creates literary sense, made visible by the projection on the wall but at the same time the written word is a subtitle to the movement of the performer.



07.02.2009 – 09.02.2009 // WUK, Vienna, Austria


Concept, Idea & Performers
Amanda Piña & Daniel Zimmermann
Literary Adviser
Joaquin Pujol
Christian Dergarabedian
Markus Frietsch
Production Manager
Elisabeth Himer

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