Endangered Human Movements Vol.3

The School of the Jaguar


The Ministry of Movement Affairs and nadaproductions are happy to announce the presentation of the third publication of the project Endangered Human Movements with the title The School of the Jaguar  which will accompany the artistic, discursive and  performative project with the same name.

Endangered Human Movements is a multi-disciplinary project including visual arts, performance and a series of publications dealing with the disappearing of cultural and biological diversity.  The School of the Jaguar is discursive and artistic journey that looks on the relationship between humans, animals, plants and the earth from a wide variety of angles, animal studies, decolonial studies, dance studies, amerindian shamanism, anthropology and the practice of choreography. Published by the Federal Ministry of Movement Affairs,  and conceived by Amanda Piña, Angela Vadori and Christina Ghillinger, the book is though as a series of contributions on the decolonialization of the body and of dance featuring essays and articles by Fahim Amir, Paula Chaves, Nicole Haitzinger, Johannes Neurath, Mara’akame Juan José Katira Ramirez, Rolando Vazquez and Amanda Piña


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BMfB – Federal Ministry of Movement Affairs
Reindorfgasse 8
1150 Wien

Idea, Concept

Amanda Piña, Angela Vadori

Christina Ghillinger Correa-Vivar


David Ender

Proof Reading

David Ender, Christina Ghillinger-Correa Vivar. Romana Ledl


Marc Domage, estudio el gozo, Judith Stehlik, Szymon Olszowski

Graphic Design
Thomas Rhyner, Alexandra Kaserbacher

Artistic Contribution

Sofía Echeverri- “Arqueología Secreta. Mujeres Trabajando” 2018

Photo Edition


Printed in Austria by

Drückerei Ferdinand berger & Söhne GmbH

1. Edition
© nadaproductions
Vienna, April 2019


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